Why your dishwasher keeps beeping

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Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product from one of our links, we could receive a commission from the seller, however, these do not influence our editorial choices. We aim to recommend products we believe in and to not mislead our audience. Learn More »

For most of us, our dishwashers are usually problem-free kitchen appliances that require no more attention than loading the dish detergent and trying to figure out how to sneak in that one last awkward item so you don’t have to handwash it.

But that doesn’t mean that they are entirely without their issues, and the most common indicator of a problem is that your dishwasher will start beeping.

Why does my dishwasher keep beeping?

If your dishwasher starts beeping, it’s often an indicator that something is wrong, usually that it’s either being used incorrectly or has a part that needs replacing.

To put it another way, the dishwasher might be beeping at you because you’re asking it to do something it isn’t designed to do, or it has parts or a part that is simply old and needs some repair or replacement.

What can cause a dishwasher to beep?

Since most dishwashers don’t have a detailed display that can display text errors (or even error codes), the beeping is an easy way to indicate one of the aforementioned problems.

The beep may differ depending on the brand of the dishwasher or what the detected problem is, but here are a few of the main causes of beeping dishwashers.

1) Check the power connection

Every once in a while, the plug and socket that’s powering your dishwasher might itself be faulty, leading to a decreased power source. This can cause your dishwasher to beep, and it’s the one item on your list that may have nothing to do with the dishwasher itself.

Confirming actual outlet voltage and amperage may be outside your knowledge or tools, but you could at least check to see if the outlet is providing any current–or a stable current–at all.

Test your outlet with another item such as a fan, stand mixer, blender, or something else electric/mechanical that can’t be damaged by an unreliable current to make sure that they aren’t running low with your particular outlet as well. If you can rule out the outlet as being the issue, it’s time to look at the dishwasher itself.

2) Sometimes you just have to close the door

This is simple human error, and we’ve all done it from time to time. Your dishwasher may be beeping at you simply because you didn’t close the door all the way. It happens.

Is your dishwasher beeping once every 30 seconds or so? This is usually an indication that it’s trying to start a cycle but the door isn’t all the way closed. Some dishwashers require a little extra “oomph” to make sure they close properly. Hopefully, that’s the extent of the reason behind your dishwasher beeping!

3) Turn it off and turn it on again

Sometimes in life, you simply have to turn things off and turn them on again. Appliances and other items that function through a complex system of circuits and currents can make life very convenient, but every once in a while they simply need to be reset to start over their system of electrical operations.

Take a look at your dishwasher’s user’s manual, or do a quick online search, to determine how to reset your dishwasher. Sometimes when your dishwasher is beeping and you simply can’t diagnose a reason why it just needs a little bit of a reset. Don’t we all?

4) The door latch is broken

Dishwashers are incredible, durable pieces of equipment. They spend their entire lives dealing with essentially boiling water and dirty dishes. That takes some toughness!

But every appliance has a weak spot, and a dishwasher’s weak spot is quite often most mechanical and most frequently used–such as the door latch. These are often made of plastic, and after years of use, they can disintegrate and fail to function correctly. Sometimes if the door latch is disintegrated or loose, it can make it hard for the dishwasher to stay closed.

This might mean that you’ll have to lean against the dishwasher for a couple of hours, if that sounds like a good use of your evening. Or, you’ll simply need to have the door latch repaired. Thankfully, this problem is much less complex than most when it comes to dishwashers. And it usually isn’t very expensive to fix, either.

5) Too many dishes!

It’s tempting to want to load up as many dishes as possible in your dishwasher. After all, it’s a dishwasher, right? But dishwashers have limits, both in terms of volume and weight and in terms of where dishes are placed.

If there are so many dishes in the dishwasher that the spraying arm is blocked, the dishwasher will be in distress. Check to make sure whether your dishwasher is overloaded and that there are dishes blocking the path of the spray arm or other internal components.

6) Interrupting the wash cycle

If the dishwasher door is opened prematurely while it’s finishing a cycle, and you try to close it and start it again, it may not start the new cycle because it still thinks it’s in the old one. This confusion can cause it to beep.

In this case, you simply need to reset or restart the dishwasher. It can be a little irritating to lose time like this, but at least you don’t have to call a technician. Hopefully.

7) Where’s the detergent?

Today’s dishwashers, especially the higher-end ones, are smarter than you might think. They can sense if there isn’t enough soap or detergent for the wash, and instead of simply going along with a soapless existence, they’ll beep at you, demanding a cleaning agent.

Most of us wouldn’t take showers without soap or shampoo, and it seems like dishwashers feel the same way.

8) An actual electrical issue

So far, the reasons behind your dishwasher beeping have been mostly mechanical, and items that you can usually fix on your own.

However, there are some instances in which the issues behind your dishwasher beeping are a little bit more complex, and will likely require the help of a trained professional.

For example, if there is something happening in the circuit board and wiring of your dishwasher that’s creating a malfunction, a delay, or another operational issue, your dishwasher may beep, and certain lights may come on indicating a need for maintenance, depending on your manufacturer.

Look at your user’s guide and instructional manual if necessary, and don’t try to dig into any electrical issues on your own, because this could be dangerous. Instead, consult with a trained dishwasher service professional in your area if you’ve reasonably determined that the issue is electrical in nature.


Hopefully, these items have given you a little bit more peace of mind and support in the process of learning about your dishwasher and understanding why it’s beeping. Remember that your dishwasher needs routine maintenance and upkeep, just like anything else.

If you take care of your dishwasher, it will take care of you for a long time!

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