How to store tablecloths without wrinkling

Wondering how to keep your tablecloths wrinke-free? We’ve got an easy trick to help!

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Have you ever taken out a tablecloth to get ready for a fun party table setting only to find that it is covered with wrinkles? This can be frustrating, especially when you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time to steam or iron your tablecloths.

Depending on the fabric that a tablecloth is made from, wrinkles can be quite difficult to get rid of. Luckily, we’ve done testing and research to find the best wrinkle-free solutions that will help relieve you of your tablecloth worries.

Three steps to wrinkle-free tablecloth storage

First, we start by washing and drying our tablecloths on a permanent-press cycle. Second, we carefully roll the tablecloths over a long cardboard tube. Third, we store the tube upright or laying down in a space where it won’t get squished.

Step 1: Wash and dry

Don’t forget to pray to the laundry gods while washing your tablecloths

First off, it is important to wash and dry your tablecloths after use. Many washers have a permanent-press option that is good to use. This hot setting paired with a slow spin cycle will help to prevent new wrinkles while simultaneously decreasing current wrinkles or creases. Many dryers should have a similar permanent-press option that will do the same.

Prompt transitions

“Clean tablecloths? Awwwww yiiissssssss!”

Once the washer finishes, we switch it immediately over to the dryer. When the dryer finishes its cycle, we remove the tablecloths without delay. If we were to let the tablecloths sit in the washer or dryer, more wrinkles will develop. If our tablecloth is made of a fabric that could shrink, we adjust the washer and dryer temperatures accordingly.

Step 2: Wrap your tablecloths around a tube

Once we follow these steps, we are ready to store our wrinkle-free tablecloths. Many people swear by meticulous folding techniques. However, we’ve discovered a rolling technique that gives us much smoother results.

Find a tube

To start off, we find a long length of cardboard tube that we can use to wrap our tablecloth around. This technique works for any shape of tablecloths, including round tablecloths.  We’ve also found similar tubes in other places, such as craft stores. Heavy-duty cardboard tubes are often used to store fabric, paper, or plastic.

The wrapping trick

Next, we slowly wrap the tablecloth around the tube, careful to avoid any wrinkles. Depending on the length of the cardboard tube that we’re using, we’ll need to fold the tablecloth in halves or thirds to properly fit on the tube. By using this rolling technique, our tablecloths will end up with a smooth, freshly-pressed look.

Step 3: Store the wrapped tube

Now that we have a carefully wrapped tablecloth, we’ll be able to store the tube lying down or standing up. If the tube isn’t squished against other materials or items, it will remain wrinkle-free.

This avoids stacking folded tablecloths, which always creates heavy creases and irregular wrinkles. Once we have a fun party or dinner coming up, we’ll be able to easily unroll the tablecloth and throw it on the table without worrying about ironing or steaming it.

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